Human Sexuality. Simon LeVay, Janice I. Baldwin

Human Sexuality

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Human Sexuality Simon LeVay, Janice I. Baldwin
Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Incorporated

It is also an expression of what it means to be human and to be Christian. Love is a concept that has always attracted debates since the ancient days of human being existence. We live in a climate that is sexually permissive, generally self-indulgent, and usually confused. As a sex therapist and Human Sexuality educator, I feel very strongly about intimacy. There are few issues where Christianity is more in tension with our culture than in issues related to human sexuality. Many, many updates: The mtvU dance4life Photovoice Project, a new Photovoice project on a neighboring island, the dance4life celebration event, the artist. This post describes the steps to building emotional intimacy, which is usually a precursor to sexual intimacy. €�For humans sex is not confined to genitals or even to purely physical contact. There are many narratives, many almost unbelievable of people who did extraordinary things all in the name of love. More and more the drive of culture is to cheapen human sexuality, erase all barriers to sexual behavior, disconnect it from moral and biological realities, and turn it into (or back into) a bacchanalian free-for-all. "Sex is an expression of Christian faith," so begins the author of this provocative work on human sexuality, desire, and a theology.